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            Dredging of Sanjiang Rivers resumes
            2020-04-03Text Size: A A A

            Normal dredging of Sanjiang Rivers resumed recently. On March 31, on the Jiefang Bridge, a construction boat was parked on the water and roared.

            In order to further enhance the drainage capacity of Sanjiang Rivers and improve the urban landscape, according to the three-year (2018-2020) Sanjiang Rivers normal dredging project plan previously established by our city, the total length of the Sanjiang Rivers dredging is about 37.85 kilometers. The total amount of silt is about 1.8 million cubic meters, and the annual amount of silt is about 600,000 cubic meters.  

            2020 is the end of the normal dredging project. As of now, the dredging work of the section from Mingzhou Bridge to Zhenhai Power Plant, the section from Yaojiang Gate to the Qingfeng Bridge has been completed. Secondly, 1.1 million cubic meters of dredging earthwork was completed and the project investment was 45 million yuan.

            Next, in accordance with the city's requirements of resuming work and production, Ningbo River Management Center will also complete the desilting of the section from Zhenhai Power Plant to the Zhenhai estuary, the section from Qingfeng Bridge to Yangmuqi, and the upper part of the Fenghua River from Yinzhou Bridge, and the desilting earth is about 1 million cubic meters.

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